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Club Life – featuring Penge Cycle Club “Many clubs say they want to expand their female membership, but some have far greater success than others. Amy Sedghi finds out how these clubs get it so right”. BY AMY SEDGHI PUBLISHED MARCH 12, 2022Image credit: Alessandra Bucci for Future. “With 28% of the club’s membership identifying as female,

Interview with Frances Bonikowski

Frances Bonikowski competing in a cyclocross event.

How long have you been cycling and when did you join Penge CC? I started cycling when I was 30 and (following a pattern that I’m sure is familiar to many of you) realised it was time to grow up a bit and start doing some exercise. I borrowed a ludicrously heavy mountain bike which

Interview with Hugh Stultz

Once upon a time I considered joining a cycling club, so I joined Penge and cycled happily ever after. Obviously, this is the corniest way to speak about why I joined Penge but the fairy tale motif encapsulates the truth. Over six years ago I remember going on my first ride. I remember climbing “Hogstrough”

Club Activities in Tier 4 Lockdown Week 45, 5 February 2021

I thought we might delve into some ethical philosophy this week. It’s perhaps a bit controversial, so I apologise if anyone is offended, but I tend to believe we should face difficult issues with intelligent open-mindedness rather than hide from them. The 21st Century is throwing us so many complex moral and ethical issues and