Our founders

The founders of PengeCC, Winston Farquharson, Jonathon Burns and Yvonne Wright set up the club in 2008 to teach younger children how to ride a bike for the first time, how to ride properly, safely and fast if that’s what they wanted! But before long the parents and coaches were meeting at SE20 Cycles and heading out on rides. The rest is history.

Winston Farquharson.

Owner of SE20 Cycles. Demon descender, ex mountain bike pro, as handy with a spanner as he is with a coffee machine and man most likely to be knighted for services to Penge. Ask Winnie to show you the photo of him having lunch with the Queen.

Jonathon Burns. 

From a local cycling-mad family, Jon spearheaded Go-Ride in Penge and shared his passion for cycling in the community (Tour de Penge) as well as cycle sport (Go-Ride Racing). Jon is the kind of person who knows his cycle history and could tell you as much about riders like Geoff Wiles as he could about Bradley Wiggins.

Yvonne Wright.

Club co-founder, Breeze champion and Go-Ride regular, Yvonne has worked tirelessly to make the sport of cycling as inclusive and attractive to as many people in our area as possible. Yvonne has also delivered the important role of Welfare Officer, one of the positions vital to our Club Mark approved status. Next time you are at Go-Ride say hello. But don’t be surprised if Yvonne finds a job for you to do.