Club Activities in Tier 4 Lockdown Week 51, 19 March 2021

Just for a moment, I contemplated altering the title of this email, but maybe next week. We are stlll not supposed to ride in groups of more than 2, but plans are now advanced for our return to more normal outdoor club activities. Next week, I will set out how we plan to re-start group riding along with Justin, our new Sunday morning rides co-ordinator.

This week, I am going to hand over to the king of fun himself, David Watts, to give you his unique take on life and some important news on upcoming events. I have already said how delighted I was that he and Lisa have jointly taken on the role of social secretary. Most of you need no introduction to David, those new to the club are in for a treat.

JOLA – David Watts

Long 4 Rider and Director of Risk at Priory Gp.

A little over a year ago, at the beginning of the pandemic, Jane (our Director of Nursing), Colin (our IPC Director) and I agreed that we would:

  • work together to address the impact of the pandemic on our patients, residents, students and staff;
  • respond to staff and management queries, assimilate guidance and legislation and oversee the provision of PPE;
  • review the care of anyone that had died in our care;
  • learn about the physical health of the deceased for example their presenting diagnosis, any co-morbidities;
  • assess the quality of the care and treatment provided to the person and whether our staff had acted in accordance with policy and procedure;
  • and we’d try to get a ‘feel’ for the person that had died by adding a section to the mortality form in which our staff were asked to write a couple of sentences about the deceased.

Therefore, for instance, we learnt that Simon loved his weekly trip to the ball pool, Margaret had always enjoyed having her hair done and Stuart had adored his nieces and nephews.

I wondered whether those sentences were one-dimensional, insufficient and simply a token gesture. However, I thought about it and I think I get it.

For you Simon, I wonder if it was the anticipation of your weekly trip to the leisure centre, the warm sensation that seeing those brightly coloured balls gave to you, the opportunity to thrash and jump around without hurting yourself and the slice of pizza that you ate in the café after the session.

Margaret, I think for you it may have been the contemplation of your next hairstyle, the small talk with the hairdresser, the smell of the shampoo and hairspray and the feeling you had when you looked into the mirror and saw the ‘new you’.

And Stuart, I wonder whether for you it was the peck on the cheek that your nieces and nephews gave you when they visited, the home-made birthday cards they made for you and the pride that you felt as you watched those youngsters grow to become young adults.

Of course that also got me thinking about cycling. I love cycling.

However, that sentence doesn’t cover it. There is so much more to loving cycling than turning the pedals. Among other things, it’s the breeze on my face, it’s the opportunity to see at first hand the changing seasons and it’s talking crap with my friends on a Sunday morning. Cycling also gives me the opportunity to think – and for me that’s been invaluable during the past 12 months. Those evening commutes, especially when there were no cars on the road, have given me time and space to reflect and contemplate. Those commutes have been a blessing.

So moving (not so seamlessly) on and with contemplation in mind, I want to use this opportunity to give a couple of shameless plugs for a couple of club activities. I hope that you will have seen the event created for the next (final?) album covers ride.

‘I want to be George’, ‘No, I’m George. you’re Ringo’

Look out as well for information about our planned zoom baking session with Maria:

‘I want that food mixer, no dammit, I want that kitchen’

Finally, as the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be growing brighter, if you want to be down with the kids then here’s a tip for you. By all accounts we’re now at the stage of ‘JOLA’ (that’s the Joy of Looking Ahead to you and me). I wish you a JOLA weekend when it finally arrives.


Responsible Club Activities

Yoga at Dragonfly

Loving this. Still Mondays and Wednesdays. Look at Katie’s post if you fancy joining in. All of us spend hours on bikes and many of us hours sitting at a desk. Yoga is one of the best ways to stretch out and get some flexibility and core strength going. For those of us of a certain age, some Yoga should be compulsory. Youngsters, it’s like insurance that makes you look good.

Turbobeat Mondays

One final session in this set now, but still time to give it a try. Remember, this Monday session is paid for by the club and there is no limit to the numbers we can have on, so register that you’d like to attend on RiderHQ and I’ll be in touch with details.

Shameless plug for Paul’s business – he is one of the most motivational coaches I have ever worked with. We do sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings with around 25 people up on the screen, all working against a % of their own maximum heart-rate.

I challenge anyone to find a better, tougher workout than the Thursday HIIT sesssions. You just couldn’t do this on your own.

Check out his website and sign up to TurboBeat with EliteCycling. Still time to try it out for free before you buy!

Zwift Friday Meet-Ups

Big thank you to Rachel for setting up these regular Friday afternoon sessions. A great way to kick off the weekend and at the regular time of 6:30 tonight. It’s an off-road treat today.

Look for her post on Facebook message to join the Zwift group.

Coffee and Cake at Rule #19

Some advanced warning for next weekend. I’m sticking another £100 ‘behind the bar’ at the shop. This time, it’s for cake. Winnie is going to get a range of goodies in and everyone in the club can grab a tasty post-ride snack from Friday 26th until it runs out!

While you’re there, book a service to make sure you are ready to ride again.

Anyone for some Cross?

Finally, the LCCA, who organise the local cyclocross racing, have asked us to work with Brixton Cycles to organise the Crystal Palace edition of the race series this year. You may remember the fabulous picture of two of our finest leaping like gazelle over what appears to be a massive jump. The pic is featured on the front page of our website.

As this stage, we’re just looking to drum up some interest for spectators, participants and helpers. More details to follow.

Closing Thoughts

Have a great weekend.

James Hanscomb, Chair of Penge Cycle Club.