Local routes starting from SE20 Cycles may be sent to Include the link from Ride With GPS and provide a short description. Please test-ride it first to check one-way systems, public access and great places for cake.

Steady (Sunday mornings)

Route nameDistanceElevationNotes
Steady week 1: Downe24 miles 992 ft
Steady week 2: Chelsham via Featherbed26 miles 1,326 ft
Steady week 3: Tatsfield27 miles 1,225 ft
Steady week 4: Chelsfield26 miles 1,240 ft
Steady week 5: Downe and Berry’s27 miles 1,240 ft
Steady week 6: Warlingham27 miles 1,150 ft
Steady week 7: Nower Loop27 miles 1,450 ft
Steady week 8: Tatsfield via Featherbed27 miles 1,500 ft
Steady week 9: Tatsfield reverse27 miles 1,225 ft
Steady: Barry’s Memorial Ride27 miles 1,600 ft
Steady: Downe and Cudham28 miles 1,550 ft
Steady: Slines Oak29 miles 1,345 ft

Short (Sunday mornings)

Route nameDistanceElevationNotes
Short week 1: Halliloo Valley35 miles1,950 ftBotley Hill Sheep Shed (café) and Tatsfield Tea Room and Holwood Farm Shop.
Short week 2: Otford35 miles2,114 ftPond View Café at Otford – cash payment only.
Short week 3: Pilgrim’s & Star35 miles2,135 ftVélo Barn and Holwood Farm Shop.
Short week 4: Limpsfield Chart33 miles1,997 ftEynsford Tearoom.
Short week 5: Eynsford35 miles1,826 ftBotley Hill Sheep Shed (café).
Short week 6: Woldingham33 miles1,746 ftBotley Hill Sheep Shed (café) and Tatsfield Tea Room.
Short week 7: Blueberry Lane33 miles1,787 ftTatsfield Tea Room and Holwood Farm Shop.
Short week 8: Hogtrough33 miles1,895 ftVélo Barn and Holwood Farm Shop.
Short week 9: Godstone35 miles1,928 ftBotley Hill Sheep Shed (café) in both directions with public toilets in Godstone.
Barry’s Ride – Short Route37 miles2,135 ftRolling route out to Chelsfield and Halstead.


Route nameDistanceElevationNotes
Niki’s “medium medium” 45 miles 3,204 ftPublic toilets with cafe and shop at Ide Hill.
Rowdow and reverse Knatts Valley48 miles2,840 ftRowdow Hill, descent through Knatts Valley. Cafe at Eynsford.

Long (Sunday mornings)

Route nameDistanceElevationNotes
Long week 1:
Lingfield and Pains Hill
50 miles2,882 ft Cafes in Edenbridge.
Long week 2:
Limpsfield, Chartwell and Ide Hill
44 miles 3,380 ft Cafe and public toilets at Ide Hill with a great view.
Long week 3:
Knatts Valley
50 miles3,019 ft Rolling route, cafe at Eynsford, returns via Star Hill.
Long week 4:
Cowden and Toys Hill
52 miles3,805 ft Cafe at Four Elms Nursery. Toys Hill is challenging.
The Peggy Spencer Classic 51 miles 3,240 ft Follow Pilgrim’s Way to Vigo Hill. Cafe at Eynsford.
Old Mother Hubbard 51 miles 3,717 ft Tackle Toys Hill and Hubbards Hill.
The Enterdent and Treveraux51 miles2,953 ftAlternative Lingfield route. Cafes in Edenbridge.
Chiddingstone51 miles3,271 ftTulip Tree Cafe in Chiddingstone.
Long: longer 53 miles3,386 ftVia Westerham, Ide Hill and Star Hill.
Barry’s ride – long route54 miles3,488 ftIncludes Sundridge Hill.
Terry’s Lodge route54 miles3,267 ftFackenden Lane, descent through Knatts Valley, cafe in Otford.
Chalkpit Challenge 56 miles 3,616 ftChalkpit: toughest climb in the area? Cafe at Edenbridge.
Penge, Ide, Carter’s, Star, Penge56 miles3,604 ftHilly route including Carter’s and Star Hill.

Gran Fondo (100km to 100mi)

Route nameDistanceElevationNotes
Box Hill via Godstone63 miles2,982 ftCafe and great view at the top of Box Hill.
Penge to Hildenborough65 miles3,893 ftVia Knatts Valley and Ide Hill.
Ashdown Forest75 miles5,563 ftWarning: very hilly. Includes The Wall.
Penge to Windsor78 miles2,662 ftVia Richmond Park and Windsor Great Park.
Uckfield86 miles5,897 ftPlenty of cafes in Uckfield.

Audax (several hours)

Route nameDistanceElevationNotes
Teapot Island 200km125 miles5,279 ftPretty, flat 200km route. Cafes at Teapot Island and Headcorn.
Penge-Whitstable-Penge130 miles6,264 ftCycle to the sea and back. Lots of cafes in Whitstable for lunch.

Outbound only

Route nameDistanceElevationNotes
Penge to Brighton56 miles3,600 ftVia Ditchling Beacon.
Penge to Paris part 1
63 miles3,846 ftTo Newhaven for the ferry to Dieppe…
Penge to Paris part 2112 miles4,508 ft…and on to Paris.