Club committee

Without volunteers, our brilliant club would not function. There are many opportunities to volunteer within our club; we always need new faces, new ideas and energy to help us improve.

You can simply help at a few events in the year, or if you can spare the time, you are welcome to join the committee and take on a role that helps steer the club in some way. We have a heads meeting once every two months and meetings for ride leaders, membership, Go-Ride and more.

Volunteering is not only rewarding, but it’s also a great way to meet people from sections of the club you might not usually meet through riding.

This is our current club committee. If you are a club member and would like to join the committee, please email us at or talk to one of the people listed below while on a ride.

Our 2023 committee

ChairJames Hanscomb
Club TreasurerSarah-Jane Johnson
Club SecretaryLouisa Harding
Membership SecretaryLouisa Harding
Head of Adult CyclingIan Hulme / James Hanscomb
Head of Go-Ride & Youth CyclingElisabetta Motta
Adult Rider Representative
Youth Rider Representative
Adult Cycling Sub Committee
Club DiversityKatie Ferguson
Rides CoordinatorIan Hulme
Off Road Rides CoordinatorAlex Gordon
Rider Development/Training CoordinatorEmily Lewis
Racing SecretaryStephen Crispin
Time Trial SecretaryJames Hanscomb
Social SecretaryLisa Minett / Alison Coates
Media Secretary/Club PRAndy Harding
Clothing & kit secretary John Haile
Volunteer Coordinator
Breeze & Leisure Rides Coordinator Ann Ferris
Go-Ride & Youth Cycling Sub Committee
Welfare Officer & DeputyRichard Mathie
Youth Racing SecretaryElisabetta Motta / Stephen Crispin
Bhups Adhikari
Youth Rides Coordinator
Volunteer CoordinatorLouisa Harding
Coaches Bhups Adhikari / Stephen Crispin
Matt Drake / Ben Frost
Alex Gordon / Alwyn Gosford
Andy Harding / Simon Jackson
Emily Lewis / Lisa Minett
Elisabetta Motta / Andrew Stroud
British Cycling Go-Ride Club ContactLouisa Harding