Club Activities in Tier 4 Lockdown Week 49, 5 March 2021

I’ve never been shy of shedding the odd tear. Find me at the end of a punishing ride and you’ll witness an upper lip that is by no means stiff. Eye-dust has often come my way. This week I stumbled upon a story that was both literal and a great metaphor for where we are in lockdown today, and I’m not ashamed to admit it got to me.

A woman of about my age was talking of her daughter, who is of a similar age to my children (early 20s – peak fun). She was talking about having lost the ability to dance in the last 12 months. That frivolous yet wholehearted expression of freedom, with its mix of abandon, self-expression and social interaction.

The thing that got to me though, was not that the daughter was moaning that it was not fair that she couldn’t go dancing. A year of being selflessly locked down to protect others and this young woman was excited; she was thinking of all of the new music that has come out in the last year and how there was a backlog of songs that she and her friends had not yet danced to. This massive, pent up demand to get the dancing shoes on, get out there and give it the big ‘un.

I can’t promise that the tectonic plates have shifted to create a new rival to Toys Hill, but I do know that there are a million undiscovered corners even in our little part of Kent that are waiting for us. I know many of us have been out and have danced in ones and twos, but I am excited about getting the band back together and giving it the big ‘un now. Hope is fully unleashed.

We have our social team in the bag, and I am looking forward to planning some stuff with David and Lisa.

Rides Co-ordinator

Justin Keen has ridden with the club for a couple of years and will be known to many of you who ride with Long 1 and Short 1 and 2. He has stepped forward to take this task on from the redoubtable Niki Wilson. Justin recently retired from his job as a medical researcher in Leeds, where he spent much time cycling the Yorkshire Dales.

Our first task will be to organise for getting back to groups of 6 at the end of March 2021. We’ll make some tweaks so that everyone can get back on the dancefloor. I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it.

Responsible Club Activities

In the meantime, there is no reason to be lonely or inactive. There is still plenty to do if you’d prefer to stay inside:

Yoga at Dragonfly

Loving this. Still Mondays and Wednesdays. Look at Katie’s post if you fancy joining in. Check Katie’s post about tickets if you are already signed up.

Turbobeat Mondays

We are halfway through this set now, but still time to give it a try. The sessions from 6:15pm with Paul are also fully funded by the club. There is no limit to the numbers we can have on these sessions, so register that you’d like to attend on RiderHQ and I’ll be in touch with details.

Zwift Friday meet-ups

Rachel Lynn is developing a strong contingent of regulars on Zwift and will be there again at the earlier time of 6:00 tonight. Look for her post on Facebook to get yourself into the group.

Coffee at Rule #19

Don’t forget to book the steed in for a some springtime TLC. and grab a coffee and cake with Winnie.

Elite/ Penge CC in Spain

2nd to 9th October 2021

Something else to look forward to. A week in Southern Spain enjoying the blissfully warm early autumn between beach and mountains with clean, empty roads, some challenging riding, great company and limitless quantities of Rioja.

Paul Mill and the team at Elite have organised 3 of these holidays for Penge CC before and they are highly recommended. Let me know if you fancy it and I’ll connect you with Paul.

Here’s the link to Paul’s promo video.

Closing Thoughts

Have a great weekend,

James Hanscomb, Chair of Penge Cycle Club.