Tier 4 Lockdown Week 47, 19 February 2021

Remember I said we’d take this a week at a time; not get too far ahead of ourselves and start thinking about getting back to group riding. I meant it too, it’s just that at some point we have to start planning ahead.

The smart money is on schools going back from 8th March. Call me Mr Cynical, but the pattern seems to be that a reasonably well informed journalist reports ‘the government is considering…’ and as long as public outcry is minimal, whatever was being speculated becomes the next pronouncement. Even if schools go back, return to the ‘rule of 6’ may still be distant. Although, as the proud possessor of some slightly altered RNA thanks to the boffins at Pfizer, I am feeling optimisitic that we might one day be free again to roam in packs.

So, we need to sort a couple of things whilst we still have time.

Rides Organiser

Firstly, we must all thank the remarkable Niki Wilson who is stepping down from her position as chief ride organiser. She did a superb job marshalling leaders and organising us through the last couple of years – so please show her your gratitude when you can. It does present us with a gap though. I need someone to step forward who is a bit nerdy and fancies tackling the task of transforming how we organise Sunday morning club rides.

Our current routine was adapted from a process designed when we were 40 people and no one had a Garmin. Nerdy, because there are some quite cool apps we could use to help us shoulder our way into the modern era. Let me know if you’d be up for it.

Social Secretary

Secondly, we also need to find a new social secretary. To my lasting shame, I completely forgot to thank the splendid Alison Coates when she stepped down from this role seemingly years ago. Recent joiners may not have witnessed Alison’s party-throwing skills, because we haven’t been able to be terribly sociable of late, but we will get there again. We did have a fearsome reputation:

Penge: The drinking club with a cycling problem!

I always maintain that we ride better together when we socialise together and we need a new social secretary. Again, please get in touch.

I’m so pleased will all of the things we have going on now, and with some decent weather promised, I’m looking forward to bumping into a few more of you out on the roads and trails this weekend.

Responsible Club Activities

Yoga at Dragonfly

The yoga is going brilliantly. Remember the club is now fully funding these. Look for Katie’s post on Facebook and make sure you sign up.

Turbobeat Mondays

The sessions with Paul are also fully funded by the club. There is no limit to the numbers we can have on these sessions, so come and give it a try. It’s open to the turbobeat regulars as well of course.

Register that you’d like to attend on RiderHQ and I’ll be in touch with details.

Zwift Friday Meet-Ups

Rachel is developing a strong contingent of regulars on Zwift and will be there again at 6:30pm tonight.

Look for her guide to Zwift on Facebook to get yourself into the group.

Trainer road

Alison Coates will be running the Trainer Road group workout at 8:30am on Sunday. Look out for her Facebook post to get on board and to get the sign-in code.

Coffee at Rule #19

I think there is still some credit behind the bar at the shop, so make sure you get down for a free cup of finest coffee in the land.

Closing Thoughts

It’s funny how much changes in a week. Damn it was cold last week and there seemed little room for optimism. Maybe I’m allowing a bit too much hope to creep in, but with a bit of sunshine and all the numbers heading in the right direction. Maybe, just maybe…Who knows, It’s Palace versus Brighton on Monday too.

Have a great weekend,

James Hanscomb, Chair of Penge Cycle Club.