Winnie’s Workshop – 10th + 17th April

Winnie’s Workshop! – covering items that come in handy at the roadside such as; punctures, brakes, gears, that mysterious looking chain-tool (and the dark art of using it) etc.
Winnie is being incredibly good to us, and only charging a nominal fee of £10, which will also cover the cost of pizza on the day. Anything extra we’d like to donate (on the day) will go to the kids club.
BYOB – Bring Your Own Bike!
Book beforehand through RiderHQ – sorry there are no refunds. Note that the total cost will be £11.20 to cover RiderHQ’s fees.
Currently two sessions – 10th, and 17th April at 2pm (if popular, Winnie says he might be able to squeeze more in).
To book session 1 – 10th April.
To book session 2 – 17th April.