Tiered Lockdown to Resume Week 36, 27th November 2020

Back in the game. It shows how far we’ve come this year that we all breathe a sigh of relief that we are once again allowed to ride in groups of 6 from next week. It appears that, for now at least, we will be pretty much back to the conditions and restrictions we had before the latest lockdown started on 5th November 2020. [Editor’s note: Please see our Week 33 entry for further information.]

Make sure you are ready for next Friday 4th December 2020, poised for the 6pm sign-up. 

Motivation During Lockdown 2 by James Hanscomb

So, how have you managed over the last 4 weeks? Pretty much everyone I have spoken to has found it harder than the spring lockdown, even though we were able to get out in ones and twos, and despite the fact that it was ‘lockdown-lite’ in many respects. I hope you found a ride buddy to keep yourself in shape, because I always find this time of the year (along with February) the hardest to stay motivated. Here’s my annual homily on the subject of motivation:

  • It’s totally normal, and healthy to have some time away from the bike, especially if you have done a lot of riding over the summer. Use the time to re-connect with friends and family. Go walking with your partner instead of obsessing about your bike.
  • Ride more slowly and don’t beat yourself up about it. No one cares about your Strava averages and you shouldn’t. Try leaving the Garmin at home, or just leave the maps on and don’t record the ride. It does still count. Re-discover the joy of riding for its own sake, and chat more with your ride buddies. 
  • Get the right gear. The best jacket you can afford, decent gloves and overshoes and a set of mudguards can transform your ride.
  • Resolve to go out whatever. Even if you get to the end of the road and turn back because it’s too bad. We’ll stand down leaders if it’s really bad but, so often, the forecast is much worse than the reality. If you get into the habit of missing out, you’ll find other tasks creeping in and stealing your riding time.
  • Sign up for a daft event early next year. Nothing like a bit of fear to keep you honest. Training camp in Spain, Penge trip to Ghent…

Celebrating Christmas

It’s been apparent for some time that our annual Christmas party is to be another casualty of the pandemic. It’s a wrench, because it’s been a great event over the last few years, even though I have been banned from doing karaoke any more. We are looking at how we might have a set of awards still to celebrate some great cycling achievements this year, despite the limitations.

Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Club Kit

We are making progress with Le Col on getting set up with the new club kit. We’ll be ready to open up the new online shop in December but, with Tier 2 restrictions, we need to figure out what is possible, so we’re staying flexible at the moment. We’d like to offer people the opportunity to try on samples but that’s clearly quite problematic at the moment.

Crystal Palace LTN – Consultation

A reminder that the deadline for contributing your views to this consultation is 4th December. When I wrote the note a couple of weeks back, I was aware that these sort of schemes are difficult and controversial. In a city that has sprawled randomly across a huge area over many 100s of years, there is no easy way for creaking infrastructure to be adjusted without having an impact.

Clearly there are challenges, such as access for locals and emergency vehicles. Even if our instincts as cyclists are to support investment in cycling infrastructure, we must be cognisant of the issues. That is precisely why I am keen that as sensible cycling, driving residents and traders, we participate in the consultation.

I’m not interested in any politics or mud-slinging. I just want sensible, informed people to have their say in this important issue. If you want to get more information about the pros and cons of the scheme in Crystal Palace or others like it, reply to this email and I can put you in touch with some well informed and rational people.

Photo Competition on Instagram

This is the final week for the lockdown photo competition. Remember, take a picture of you or your cycling buddy in Penge kit and post to Facebook and Instagram @pengecycleclub. Bottle of something decent for the best picture.

Closing Thoughts

Look forward to seeing you back on club rides soon.

James Hanscomb, Chair of Penge Cycle Club.