Turbo trainer rides

While we can’t get together on club rides at the moment, we are still meeting up to ride and race together on Zwift.

You can join the ever-growing Penge CC team by signing up at ZwiftPower, then represent your club in the virtual red white and green by joining Penge CC Zwift riders.

If Zwift is not your thing, some of our riders prefer the delights of TrainerRoad and Rouvy and you can find those at the bottom of the page.

Zwift Inter-Club Racing

We are competing against other local clubs in a Zwift racing league organised by British Cycling South East Region. Each race is open to all categories and abilities. There’s nothing like a little bit of local rivalry to get the blood pumping, but it is all really good friendly fun and it’s great to see we have more people trying out racing for the first time than we have experienced racers.

We are positioned comfortably in the top 10 out of over 40 clubs but please do join in and help us move up the rankings.

When are the inter-club events?

Races are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Look out for details of the events as they are announced on Facebook each weekend.

How do I compete for Penge on Zwift?

  1. Join Zwift if you haven’t already
  2. Sign up to ZwiftPower, where all the results are recorded.
  3. Connect your Zwift and ZwiftPower accounts.
  4. Read the Facebook post from British Cycling for further details.
  5. British Cycling’s 5 minute video on Facebook explains about the inter-club competition and ZwiftPower.
  6. Join the Penge CC team on ZwiftPower
  7. Very important: Add ‘Penge CC/BCSE’ to your name in your Zwift profile so you can be found in the results.

Do you need any help?

Message John Haile on Facebook messenger.

Zwift Club Meetups

We also have club group rides, or meetups, on Zwift. These are ‘no-drop’ rides for all abilities, which is like having an imaginary elastic band keeping the group together regardless of the speed everyone is doing.

There is the choice to do an optional group workout or do your own workout, during the ride. Look out for details of the group workout posted on our Facebook Group.

When are the club meetups?

Thursdays, usually 7:30pm.

How do I join a club meet up?

Follow Emma Dunk using Zwift companion app and she’ll send you an invite to each week’s ride.

Do you need any help?

Message Emma Dunk on Facebook messenger. Ask to be added to the Penge on Zwift messenger group.

Having a Chat

We use the Zwift messenger feature to chat during group rides (maybe less so during races), and we also use a Discord server to talk to each other.

Download the Discord app to your phone (or use the website on your computer) and connect to the Discord server.

It’s a good idea to set your audio settings to ‘push to talk‘ to avoid broadcasting your heavy breathing to the group! The website version doesn’t have this push-to-talk feature. Instead, you can set the microphone sensitivity in the website settings.

Elite’s Indoor Training – Turbobeat Live

Paul Mill now runs 3 sessions per week of TurboBeat Live These are free of charge:

  • 5pm Tuesday
  • 6pm Wednesday
  • 5pm Thursday
  • Sessions are on the Selfloops app and use Zoom for communication

Get hold of a bluetooth heartrate monitor if you can, download the Selfloops App and get onto Zoom for the full (and unique) experience of being beasted by Paul, with a group of pals whilst listening to loud music.

Please join him in raising funds for Shelter. There’s a group who are really going to need help in the coming weeks.

There is now a full set of instructions to help you get set up.

Trainer Road

Trainer Road is a subscription service, but if you want to try a free month ask on Penge CC Facebook as members get introductory offers that they may pass on.

When you are in TR you can look at workouts (found on the side menu). You set your fitness level by doing a Ramp Test that gradually builds resistance. The software estimates your FTP from there and sets challenges accordingly.When you want to do a ride (from the left-hand panel) you select the one you like the look of, click on it and then select “Create Group Ride” or “Start group Ride” – it then generates a code which you can share with other riders who want to join you. 

There are 5 ’flavours’ of ride:

  • Recovery
  • Endurance
  • Sweet Spot
  • Threshold
  • VO2 Max/ Anaerobic

You can also create a training calendar, click on your rides in advance and ‘Create Group Ride’ from there.


Although no group rides are available here yet, Warren has picked out a few recommended solo rides to get you started.


  • North Applegate                                
  • Applegate Lake                                    
  • Canyonville                                      
  • Lava Beds                                         
  • La Lancha (South)