Easing of Lockdown Week 21, 14th August 2020

Don’t ever remember looking forward to being cold and wet. I used to think the southern European thing of shutting down in August was madness but I do wonder who’s got it wrong. One thing I have noticed is that if you’re the one left in the office and everyone else is away, you definitely have it wrong.

A weekend of cycling in whatever the capricious weather gods choose to send our way seems infinitely appealing. For some, that means camping in the New Forest and some gravel. Happy days. 

Sunday Rides

For those in Penge this weekend, fingers on the buzzers and get ready to sign up on RiderHQ for the ride of your choice. It is open for booking at 6pm today. 

(Note: the link above should show all Penge CC events, including Sunday rides available for booking. You won’t see this Sunday before the event goes ‘live’ for booking)

Six to a group, no waiting lists – let Niki know if you want to lead a second group. More detailed instructions about our distanced group rides

RideLeaderDeparture LocationDeparture TimeDistance (miles)Speed (mph)
Long 4Simon Lincoln SE20 Cycles7:1545-5517+
Long 3Mike Burt Crooked Billet7:3045-5515-16
Long 2Lynset Rowe SE20 Cycles7:4545-5513-14
Long 1Cathy Ellis Crooked Billet8:005011-12
Short 4Matt BurneySE20 Cycles8:1530-3515-16
Short 3Basky ThilaganathanCrooked Billet8:3030-3513-14
Short 2Barry GrahamSE20 Cycles8:4530-3512-13
Short 1Jonathan Coulter Crooked Billet9:0030-3511-12
Steady Ann FerrisSE20 Cycles9:1524-2710-11

Kit collection – Tuesday 18th August

Firstly, many apologies. We were all set to do kit last Saturday until we realised no one had a key. 

I will now be doing a session on Tuesday at 6:30pm. I won’t be at the shop, I’ll be on Bertie Road SE26 5LW, a little side road, just off Cator road next to Alexandra Junior School.

If you intend to show up please let me know by replying to this email. If you are owed kit and can’t come on Tuesday, please also let me know. We’ll get it to you somehow.

Strava Leaderboard

Some mighty impressive riding all round. Good work!

Closing Thoughts

Have a great weekend. 

James Hanscomb, Chair of Penge Cycle Club.