Adult Go Ride Saturday Morning Sessions

Based on British Cycling’s successful youth cycling “Go-Ride” programme, we have decided to run a series of adult Go-Ride sessions. The activities take place in an off road environment  and  are designed to help develop riders’ skills and techniques, boost their confidence, whilst at the same time helping them to get fitter. The sessions are built around games, exercises and fun races and as  they’ve been designed to be delivered to kids they are lots of fun. We’ll be covering basic skills such as braking, cornering, climbing and descending, more technical skills such as using your gears and track stands; through to group riding techniques, all of which are applicable when riding on the road or on an off road trail. While the sessions are great for beginner riders or those returning to cycling after a lengthy lay off they are also beneficial to current riders who would like to improve their existing skills.

Dates and Venues:

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Sat. 29th Sept.  10:30am    meet at Alexandra Junior School, Cator Road