Verity and Fraser meet Chris Hoy

My fantastic day out.
By Verity Spooncer.

We had won a Highland Spring competition to attend their special sports day. When we got to the Ethos sports centre in London we were put into groups of eight. Fraser and I were put into red group with Kimberly as our leader. First we met Sir Chris Hoy (six time Olympic gold medalist). We went on the turbos which are bikes fixed to rollers. Sir Chris Hoy helped us on and we were off, we had to ride 250 metres while we were being timed. I did it in 15.95 and Fraser did it in 12.80. I came 3rd out of eight. I felt very excited to meet him. Fraser won the competition and Chris presented him with a cap and medal.

Then we went upstairs to do circuit training but unfortunately Fraser and I were sick before it started because we worked so hard on the bikes.
The session included star jumps, press ups and running up and down the room.

After that we went downstairs to play tennis. We did some skill tests which involved catching, serving, rallies and footwork. I was on the team with Judy Murray (Andy Murray’s mum!). We played against the boys and they won. Finally we went to hot shots where there were lots of tennis related activities such as – fastest serve, batak (putting out lights on an electronic board), hitting the ball through holes and mini tennis. We managed a rally of 24 shots.

After lunch, there was a session where the kids asked Chris and Judy questions. We presented Chris with our cycling club jersey and he signed my shirt and poster. I felt amazed that we had won the competition to come for the day. I loved meeting everyone and all the people were very nice and helpful. What a fantastic day!