Tour of Britain – kids selection team – Sat 4th July.

We are putting the team info together but will be doing another time trial on 4th July for those who could not make it last week on Sat 13th June.

In anticipation of this year’s Tour of Britain we would like to select our team for the ‘kid’s Tour of Britain races’ before the term ends.
We have not been contacted yet by British Cycling so this is not 100% confirmed but if we leave it till later it makes selecting the team a big rush at the start of September.
Using the info from last year we were allowed a team of 8-10 riders from our club. You need to be a member of British Cycling, available for the event on Sunday 13th September at The Embankment starting around 11am and born between 2003-2006. (We will give preference to those who were too young to enter last year and were very disappointed).
We will have a gnome-and-back time trial on Saturday 13th June at the end of our go-ride session at Alexandra Junior School for those wishing to be selected. I will gather those interested on the day. If your child can’t make it to the session on that day and still wishes to be selected please let me know. We will also base our decisions on club attendance, gender and BGRRL attendance.
After the time trial I will contact those selected by email as I will need confirmation from parents before finalising the team.
Thank you.
Any questions contact Louisa –