Penge Cycle Club – Bromley Go Ride Racing League FINALS

Last Saturday was the final round of the 2013/14 Bromley Go Ride Racing League season and we  had lots of young Penge CC riders of all ages representing our club.

For results click here.

Some great action shots of the riders and the racing can be found and downloaded here including:

• A Penge CC clean sweep in the Girls’ Time Trial ( Year 3 and under)
• Time Trial win in the boys’ Time Trial (Year 6&7)
• The overtaking manoeuvre of the season (nice work Ivan!)

Well done to everyone who rode any of this season’s six events. It’s great fun, great competition and we hope we’ll see you all in September when the action starts again.

PengeCycleClubGirlsIvanLuke Penge Cycle clubBig thanks to Phil Shemmings from BGGRL/BigFoot for the great photos and making them available to all our riders.