Penge CC BBQ – Sunday 10th July, 1-6pm.

Penge CC’s annual BBQ is on Sunday 10th July from 1.00 to 6.00pm. The venue is the Bell residence at 25 Greenways, Beckenham, BR3 3NG.

We want as many members from both the youth and adult sections of the club to come along and to enjoy the finest foods that Murray’s the Butchers has to offer, turned perfectly to charcoal by our own ‘tongmasters’.
This isn’t a fundraiser, but we are looking to recover some of the costs. We’ll lay on enough food and drink for most people as long as we know numbers. The easiest thing is to buy tickets through RiderHQ and we’re only charging £5 per adult and £2 per child. We’ll let you pay on the day but we do need to know numbers.
Are you extra enthusiastic in your need for ‘refreshment’? If you are, then you may like to bring along some additional liquid supplies – but we will have wine, beer and soft drinks as well as all the food.
If you can make a special salad or pudding – let me know. If you have some garden chairs or blankets – bring them along.
Remember – nutrition is a vital part of cycling and attention to re-fuelling after a big ride is very important!
For your tickets on RiderHQ click here.
*I can’t quite work out how to allow multiple entries at one time so you’ll have to buy individual tickets for now. Hopefully get fixed soon!
See you then!