Christmas Party Roller Racing Results

The annual Go Ride Christmas Party was fantastically well attended.  There was great excitement at the prospect of having a go on the roller racing rig.  Pairs of riders rode 250m cheered on by their friends.  Cator Road has probably never known such noise on a Saturday morning!  Well done to everyone who took part and congratulations to the winners:

Under 8’s – Henry

Under 10’s – Joseph

Under 12’s – Sadie

Under 14’s – Georgina

Under 8’s

Rider Time Position
Shontaon 53 =6th
Joseph H 1:14 16th
Sophie 52 5th
Henry 43 1st
Audrey 53 =6th
Tommy H 54 8th
Thomas 49 =3rd
Florence 59 12th
Eva L 56 =9th
Ben 48 2nd
Sam 1:26 17th
Sid 49 =3rd
Eva H 1:06 13th
Alice 56 =9th
Angus 1:07 14th
Lily 57 11th
Maia 1:13 15th


Under 10’s

Rider Time Position
Elsa 51.0 8th
Harry 40.0 3rd
Orlando 48.4 7th
Joseph 34.5 1st
Sid 42.1 4th
George 37.0 2nd
Harriet 1:11.7 10th
Jacob 51.3 9th
Reece 43.6 5th
Ryan 48.0 6th


Under 12’s

Rider Time Position
Ian 48.6 11th
Tommy 59.9 14th
Verity 44.4 9th
Luke 40.0 4th
Jordan 41.9 7th
Christian 50.6 12th
Amy 50.8 13th
William E 46.3 10th
Harvey 41.0 =5th
Cal 39.9 3rd
Rebecca 43.0 8th
Ella 41.0 =5th
Sadie 37.0 1st
William F 39.0 2nd


Under 14’s

Rider Time Position
Georgina 39.0 1st
Fraser 48.0 2nd