Wheels for Wellbeing

Wheels for Wellbeing is a charity that exists to enhance disabled people’s lives by ensuring that anyone can access the physical, emotional, practical and social benefits of cycling.

Founded in 2007, the charity has since worked with thousands of disabled children and adults who face barriers to taking part in any physical activity. Informed by the life-changing personal experience of disabled trustees, staff and volunteers, the charity is determined to show that anyone can enjoy cycling, given the right equipment, support and environment.

Wheels for Wellbeing runs cycling sessions 5 times a week throughout the year at 3 hubs:

  • Croydon Sports Arena
  • Herne Hill Velodrome
  • Ladywell Sports Centre

There are also specific programmes for people with dementia, children and young people (Kids on Wheels) and Wheels for Wellbeing works with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) schools local to the venues.

Alongside the weekly sessions, Wheels for Wellbeing campaigns and lobbies local and national government to make cycling more accessible to all. Their aim is to make it  possible for more disabled people in the UK to cycle for everyday journeys, for commuting or leisure or exercise, and to make cycle routes inclusive and accessible. The charity’s work continues to transform attitudes to disability and to work for a healthier population.