Tiered Lockdown Week 37, 4th December 2020

It feels good to be writing an email about group rides again. Lockdown 2.0, for all that it’s been a fairly ‘lite’ version, has been a particularly dispiriting time for many people. A mix of shorter days, worse weather and the continuing torrent of depressing news stories hasn’t helped. For many, myself included, cycling has really made a difference.

You may have picked up an an aside from one of our members on social media this week, mentioning how important cycling had been in helping her through the last few months. Even the most independent of us have been surprised this year how much we have missed the basics of human interaction – and cycling in groups, even in pairs, has literally been a life-saver.

We’re obviously not back to normal yet, whatever that really is, but we’re going back to the ‘rule of 6’ that served us well though the summer. I am afraid that means the now familiar scramble on RiderHQ to bag a place, but we’ll keep putting on groups to make sure people get a ride if possible.

British Cycling has helpfully set out some guidelines which I’d urge you to read and follow, paying particular attention to this:

‘Groups from ‘Medium’ (Tier 1) or ‘High’ (Tier 2) areas are permitted to pass through a ‘Very high’ (Tier 3) area as part of their route, however they should not stop for a break while in that area.’

As ever, common sense is our friend.

Post-ride Coffee @ Rule#19

Winnie will be opening Rule#19 coffee in SE20 Cycles for business for that post-ride coffee, cake and chat. I look forward to seeing you there. The forecast looks pretty bracing for Sunday, so bring some layers.

Sunday Rides

For this Sunday, sign up on RiderHQ for the ride of your choice. It is open for booking at 6pm today. Don’t panic if you don’t get on a ride, we are putting on extra groups each week and please put your hand up if you’re okay to lead an extra group. Just let Niki Wilson (plasticniki@gmail.com) know. More detailed instructions on the website.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page for weather updates. Wet leaves and ice make a dangerous combination and it’s much better to miss a single ride than to come off. We have a routine ready for standing down leaders if the weather looks too ‘minging’. (Thank you L.P.)

RideLeaderDeparture locationDeparture
Distannce (Miles)Speed (MPH)
Long 4TBCSE20 Cycles7:1545-5517+
Long 3James HanscombCrooked Billet7:3045-5515-16
Long 3 (2)Robert Boselli-AlcockSE20 Cycles8:0045-5515-16
Long 2Basky ThilaganathanSE20 Cycles7:4545-5513-14
Long 2 (2)Alwyn GosfordCorner of Kent House Road / Beckenham Road9:0045-5513-14
Long 1Chris MartinCrooked Billet8:0045-5511-12
Short 4Matt BurneySE20 Cycles8:1530-3515-16
Short 3Nick BrunCrooked Billet8:3030-3513-14
Short 2Liz BegleySE20 Cycles8:4530-3512-13
Short 1Barry GrahamCrooked Billet9:0030-3511-12
SteadyJulie-Anne de TomasisSE20 Cycles9:1524-2710-11

Christmas Ride on 20th December 2020

We all love a David Watts special ride – and it would be great to see a good turnout for the ‘Penge Winter’s Tale’ ride to Christmas Lane, near Rochester. Check out the details on the Club Facebook page

Strava Leaderboard

Some impressive distance there from John Haile. No change there. Maybe there’s life in the old dog too, crafitly going round the block to get a longer ride than his trusty lead-out partner! Sorry KV.

Mauricio is a Colombian who has joined our Strava club. Mauricio, you’re welcome to join us on a ride if you are ever in the UK. Perhaps not whilst there is a pandemic on. In the meantime, you have nicked my top spot with your super-long ride. Thanks. Also thanks from Gareth Wall, who did a 130km ride and Stephen Tabberner, who totalled 280km last week. Both now denied a spot on the club leaderboard. If you are wondering why you are not on the leaderboard next week, it’s because I’ve now removed you from our Strava club.

Closing Thoughts

Have a great weekend.

James Hanscomb, Chair of Penge Cycle Club.