Tiered Lockdown Week 32, 30th October 2020

It was great to see so many of you at the AGM this week, albeit online. With all the practice we’ve had this year on conference calls, it all seemed to go pretty well too.

The big focus was, naturally, on the design of the new kit. It’s great to have something exciting to do when much of this year has been just a bit dull. Kate will be moving the process along, so pay attention to her emails. We want your opinions first and soon we’ll be asking you to vote for your favourite from a shortlist.

Diversity Officer

I wanted to focus today on something else we announced at the AGM, the appointment of Usman to the committee in the new position of diversity officer. I’m delighted because I think he will really help us achieve our ambition of being the most welcoming and diverse club in London. It’s really hard to talk about diversity or complex issues like racism without coming across as condescending or just painfully woke, but I’m going to try.

Being good hosts means making new members feel welcome from the moment they get involved with the club, and I genuinely believe we are already good at this. But being inclusive also means more than just passively welcoming people when they join. It means reaching out of our bubble to invite and encourage people from all backgrounds and demographics to join in, people who wouldn’t normally feel we were their natural habitat. People who, for whatever reason, don’t immediately identify us as being friendly. Usman can’t do this on his own, but he can help us see things more clearly and to show us the way. It needs all of us to think how we can contribute, so please give Usman all the help you can.

Sunday Rides

I have a feeling mudguards and goretex may be a good idea this Sunday.

For this Sunday, sign up on RiderHQ for the ride of your choice. It is open for booking at 6pm today. Don’t panic if you don’t get on a ride, we are putting on extra groups each week and please put your hand up if you’re okay to lead an extra group. Just let Niki know: plasticniki@gmail.com

More detailed instructions on the website.

RideLeaderDeparture locationDeparture timeDistannce (Miles)Speed (MPH)
Long 4Gareth WallSE20 Cycles7:1545-5517+
Long 3Kate VergetteCrooked Billet7:3045-5515-16
Long 3 (2)Mike BottomleySE20 Cycles9:0045-5515-16
Long 2Basky ThilaganathanSE20 Cycles7:4545-5513-14
Long 2 (2)Andy HardingCorner of Kent House Road / Beckenham Road9:0045-5513-14
Long 1Chris MartinCrooked Billet8:0045-5511-12
Short 4TBCSE20 Cycles8:1530-3515-16
Short 3TBCCrooked Billet8:3030-3513-14
Short 2Liz BegleySE20 Cycles8:4530-3512-13
Short 1Barry GrahamCrooked Billet9:0030-3511-12
SteadyAndrew StroudSE20 Cycles9:1524-2710-11

AGM mintues and reports

You will find the minutes and all the reports from the AGM attached to this email. If you weren’t able to make the meeting, please make time to have a read and do get in touch if you have any comments or questions.

Rule #19 Cafe Winter Garden

We also heard at the AGM Katie Ferguson’s suggestion that we club together to buy an awning for Winnie’s garden. The club will chip in and if you want to make a personal contribution, Katie has set up a Paypal collection for this.

Strava Leaderboard

Strong showing from the Grants there and no stopping Tash. Some very decent numbers given the less than ideal conditions.

Closing Thoughts

Have a great weekend.

James Hanscomb, Chair of Penge Cycle Club.