Tiered Lockdown Week 30, 16th October 2020

I’ll be brief today because I’m travelling, having spend a week doing some cycling and hiking in Cornwall. If anything good comes from Covid, it’s that many of us have (re)discovered the fact we live in a country blessed with some fabulous places to explore.

Club Kit Changes

We are almost there on the choice of supplier and will make an announcement this weekend. On the design, there is a great opportunity for people to work with Andy, so if you have a passion or flair for design, please come forward.

Andy Harding has already produced some ideas and would love to have someone to work with. Let me know.

Sunday Rides

For this Sunday, sign up on RiderHQ for the ride of your choice. It is open for booking at 6pm Friday. Don’t panic if you don’t get on a ride, we are putting on extra groups each week.

Please put your hand up if you’re okay to lead an extra group. Just let me know.

More detailed instructions on the website.

RideLeaderDeparture LocationDeparture TimeDistance (Miles)Speed (mph)
Long 4Gareth WallSE20 Cycles7:1545-5517+
Long 3 Jeff ButcherCrooked Billet7:3045-5515-16
Long 2 Emily WilliamsSE20 Cycles7:4545-5513-14
Long 2 (2)Andy Harding Corner of Kent House Road / Beckenham Road9:006013-14
Long 1Chris MartinCrooked Billet8:005011-12
Short 4Robert Boselli AlcockSE20 Cycles8:1530-3515-16
Short 3Nick BrunCrooked Billet8:3030-3513-14
Short 3 (2)Bhups AdhikariSE20 Cycles7:0030-3513-14
Short 2 Liz BegleySE20 Cycles8:4530-3512-13
Short 1Barry GrahamCrooked Billet9:0030-3511-12
Short 1 (2) Katie FergusonSE20 Cycles8:3030-3511-12
SteadyAndrew StroudSE20 Cycles9:1524-2710-11

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Wednesday 28th October 2020 @ 8pm

This will be held as a Microsoft Teams meeting and we’ll publish details of how to join nearer the time. If you’re lucky enough not to have spent countless hours on Teams this year, and need some help with this, let me know.

We have the usual agenda and the important job of electing our organising committee. We have some vacant roles, and you are, of course, invited to put your name forward for any of the roles and to be put to the vote. We’ll circulate the full list of roles this weekend.

I would also implore you to come to the meeting with questions and ideas. We are sitting on a mountain of cash and would love to put it to use to benefit the club.

Strava Leaderboard

Some mighty impressive riding all round. Just 1 metre more Claire. 1 metre.

Stephen, Emily & Grant. Epic riding.

Closing Thoughts

Have a great weekend.

James Hanscomb, Chair of Penge Cycle Club.