Lockdown Week 6, 1st May 2020

A friend of mine used to be in the SAS. I’ve always been fascinated by stories of survival against impossible odds and John must have got fed up with my persistent thirst for tales of heroism. For someone like me whose only experience of danger is overcooking it coming down Titsey, his life seemed infinitely more exciting. But he always downplayed it – he was always so damned matter-of-fact. He once told me that you just get used to it, even if gunfire is raining down on you, you don’t really expect to get shot and you just get on with it.

I was reminded of that feeling reading Tash’s piece a couple of weeks back. What most of us think of as being supremely brave, she, and probably most of her colleagues, just see what they do as their job and they just get on with it. I’ve always mocked the world in which I ply my trade. You don’t need to be in the middle of one of the biggest crises we’ll ever face to realise how utterly unimportant the world of advertising is, but it certainly puts it into sharp focus.

Indoor Cycling

It’s been another cracking week on Zwift and at Turbobeat. We are now 3rd in the BSCE league and getting more people each week.

This week, I really want to pick out one person who think deserves all our support. we have worked with Paul Mill and his team at Elite for a while now and if Winnie is the heart and soul of Penge CC, surely Paul is the right boot. His Turbobeat sessions have always been a great source of motivation, but the ‘Live’ sessions under lockdown have been a life-saver. 3 evenings a week, Paul has taken up to 30 of us through our paces and rather than charging, he has been fund-raising for Shelter.

Details of how to get involved are on the website.

Spain Training Camp – 2021

It’s a bit early, but Easyjet have opened ticket sales for February next year and there are some bargains to be had. The flights to book are:

  • Out: Sat 6th Feb 2021 – 07:25 Gatwick – Alicante
  • Return: Sat 13th Feb 2021 – 11:35 Alicante – Gatwick

Paul @ Elite will be taking bookings for the camp for £650. You know you deserve a treat. We’ll update the website with 2021 details but it will be similar in format to 2020 training camp in Albir.

Closing Thoughts

Stay strong, be patient and have a great weekend.

James Hanscomb, Chair of Penge CC