Hill Climb 2019 results

Well done to the 48 intrepid riders who took on the Old Polhill Hill Climb this morning in pretty damp conditions.

Obviously everyone is a winner for just taking part, but here are the results…*drum roll*

Female podium:
First place: Helen Proudlove 3:48
Second place: Juliet Tate 3:52
Third place: Rachel Lynn 3:54

Male podium:
First place: Ben Millard 2:28
Second place: Joe Thomas 2:34
Third place: James Marshall 2:49

Well done to Helen, pipping Juliet and Rachel by only a couple of seconds. Shout out to Ben for dismantling his entire bike to shave off valuable grams (including bottles, mudguards, and bottle cages!) – turns out weight does matter.

Full results can be found here. The club previously held hill climbs in 2017, 2016 and 2015.

Check out all the photos from the race here: http://tiny.cc/3ew6cz

Special thanks to all my fellow volunteers (Niki, Tash, Alison, Scott) for sweeping, timekeeping, and cowbelling!