News from May 2020

Lockdown Week 8, 15th May 2020

There’s something peculiarly human, maybe even British, about our ability to find things that are funny, touching, inspriational, even when the bombs and bullets are flying. I’ve started a mental checklist of all the good things to have come out of this catastrophe so far. Top of the list, important things like a new-found respect

Turbo trainer rides

While we can’t get together on club rides at the moment, we are still meeting up to ride and race together on Zwift. You can join the ever-growing Penge CC team by signing up at ZwiftPower, then represent your club in the virtual red white and green by joining Penge CC Zwift riders. If Zwift

Lockdown Week 6, 1st May 2020

A friend of mine used to be in the SAS. I’ve always been fascinated by stories of survival against impossible odds and John must have got fed up with my persistent thirst for tales of heroism. For someone like me whose only experience of danger is overcooking it coming down Titsey, his life seemed infitintely