Cycling insurance

Before you join us you must have third party liability insurance. You’ll need to give these details when you sign up. We won’t be able to accept your membership without these details.​

Insurance is important because it’ll cover you in the event of an accident with another road user – pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle – if they want to make a claim against you.​

Most organisations will also provide you with free legal advice in the event of being involved in an accident where you have been injured or suffered damage to your bike and need to make a claim against the other party. They will also provide advice on other cycling related legal issues you might have.​

Getting covered​

You can get insurance through organisations such as British Cycling, Cycling UK or the London Cycling Campaign (or with the equivalent from another provider).  ​

Penge CC discount​

Once you’re a member with us, if you haven’t previously held British Cycling membership you can join with a discount for your first year.

British Cycling’s Supporter membership has no insurance so no codes or reductions are given for these.

What type of cycling are you covered for?​

The third party liability insurance covers you when you are commuting, cycling while on business (apart from specific cycle work such as working as a cycle courier), leisure riding and touring. ​British Cycling also covers you for some competitions – such as sportive events.

Competitive Cycling; for most forms of competitive cycling such as Road Racing and Track Racing you will be covered by the event insurance. Please note that you will need a racing licence from British Cycling.​

Roadside Assistance & Breakdown​

A limited number of organisations provide a Cycle Roadside Assistance Service, including Call Assist and the Environmental Transport Association (ETA). Both these organisations also offer theft and damage insurance. ​

British Cycling have negociated special discounts for its members with Cycle Rescue.​

Please note that there are other companies with cycling related insurance. The information here is for general guidance only and members with specific queries should contact the individual companies/organisations for further details and clarification.​