Adult membership​

If you’ve liked what you’ve read about us you can find the details about joining our club here.​

Adult membership is just £15 a year. We encourage you to join our Sunday rides to get a feel for who we are. You can join 3 rides before signing up.​

Our other membership offers are:​

  • £7.50 a year for pensioners, students and those without a wage.​
  • With our Go Ride club we offer family membership (two adults and two or more children) for £50 a year.​

Other benefits:​

SE20 Cycles in Penge offer:​

  • 5% off new bikes​
  • 12% off accessories​
  • A free bike check once a year.​

Cycling Insurance​

All our members must have insurance to join our club.​

With Penge CC affiliated to British Cycling we can offer a first year discount of:​

  • 50% off British Cycling’s Ride Membership of £39 (this one is needed for third party liability insurance) ​
  • A reduction of £24 on any Race Memberships. (Please note the Bronze race membership has no third party insurance – only the Silver and Gold race memberships have insurance). ​