Club kit

The club offers a full range of kit, from a variety of jersey styles, bib shorts and many other items. We’d encourage you to show pride in your club and wear club kit on club rides. We think it’s the smartest kit around, and you won’t want to miss out.  

Our club kit is of the highest quality, both practical and stylish, produced by Bioracer in Belgium.

Ordering custom kit (3 times per year). 

When we are about to place a custom order, we open the Bioracer online shop for a limited time (about 2 weeks) for you to place your kit order. Delivery of orders is about 10 weeks later. 

The shop will be open for orders every January, May and September. Keep an eye out for posts on our Facebook page and on club emails with details. 

Kit available at SE20 Cycles all year round.

We also keep stock items for you to try on and buy at any time from SE20 Cycles: 

  • Jerseys in a variety of styles and sizes*
  • Arm warmers  
  • Socks 
  • Bottles 
  • Caps 
  • Buffs 
  • T-shirts
  • Phone cases

We don’t have the resources or the space to keep too much stock, but it’s always worth a look to see what’s there and to find the right size. 

*Jerseys are only available to buy for Penge CC members.  

Penge mudguard flaps in a range of sizes to fit different mudguards can be purchased at Rawmudflaps