Youth Go-Ride sessions – SUSPENDED

All sessions at Alexandra Junior school are now suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

PLEASE NOTE – The school has had new gates put in since summer 2019 so entry to bike club is no longer via the main school gates on Cator Rd but via the school gates on Bertie Rd. IF DRIVING  PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON BERTIE RD as we are gradually filling up this short and quiet road with too many cars which is annoying the residents. Please park on Cator Rd or Woodbastwick Rd and walk/cycle round.

Sessions are at Alexandra Junior School on Cator Road, Sydenham. Registration starts at 10am (with sessions starting 10.15am) and running till 12pm.
Please check the weather forecast and wear suitable clothing for the session – including cycling mitts/gloves, helmet – and bring a drink and snack.
(We have a tuck shop with snacks for sale at 50p at break time).
Subs are £3 for members and £5 for non-members for the session. Free for first timers.

Sessions at the school are for members / non-members and new riders.

Sessions at the school involve coached groups on the tarmac and on the grass including the beginners group. A brief info about go-ride sessions can be found – here.

Event programme for the Summer term 2020 tbc.

Races for Go-Ride racing league info and dates go to their website -

New Riders
If you are new to the sessions a parental consent form will need to be completed. You can do this now (print out, fill in and bring along to save time at registration) or you can fill in when you come along. The same form can be used for more than one child if you wish and the form is 2 pages long – BC Parental Consent HSBC

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) changes
Emails were sent to all members and non-members on 1/5/18 explaining changes with club communication with new GDPR laws.
All members/non-members/new riders to check session info on the website home page and the post is repeated in the youth go-ride section – looking for ‘youth go-ride sessions’. Website content is updated during the week with any last minute changes made just before the sessions – so please also check Saturday mornings.
All members will receive go-ride emails from Louisa via RiderHQ – usually on Fridays – which will show as being from ‘Penge go-ride’. (If you don’t receive it check your spam folder). You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time with your RiderHQ membership settings.

Privacy notice. For full details of which data we hold and how we use it, please refer to our Privacy Policy – here.

Please note the new membership rules that started from September as our youth membership has changed to match the adult side of the club. This means that after your first free session and following 3 sessions with us if you still have not joined by that time then your subs will be increased to £5 per session.
All youth memberships can only be done online – here.

Beginners Group
The beginners group is for young riders on balance bikes, bikes with stabilisers or new to cycling. A fun introductory group with lots of activities on and off bikes. This group will have a shorter session time than the main groups but still need to register between 10am to 10.15am. We require parents to stay for this session and be at hand to help their kids with balance/control (even running beside them if need be). If trying to get kids off stabilisers we suggest taking the stabilisers off their bike, adjusting the saddle height and using their bike like a balance bike and then they are welcome to join the beginners group with parent helping with balance/control. Sorry – but coaches are not allowed to make these adjustments for you at the school.
Please note – if parents are trying to get their kids to ride using pedals but without stabilisers for the first time then the beginners group is not suitable. We have plenty of space in the school grounds which parents are welcome to use.

Youth Road Rides – members only
If a youth road ride is planned it will be mentioned on the Friday update email or will be on the event programme.
We offer youth road rides (for 10yrs+ on event programme) and Sunday rides (for 12yrs+, if interested email
You need to be a member with us as we do not charge subs for these rides. (If you are new to the club and wish to try a road ride before joining please let us know). A completed rider consent form must be filled in before your first ride with us – road-ride-parental-consent-formx2.

Saturday youth road rides now meet and finish at Cator Park (meeting in the middle of the park by the signpost) – leaving at 9am and riding to Greenwich (and maybe further to Tower Bridge) and back. The ride takes about 3hrs. These rides are suitable for 10yrs+ and will be about 16-20miles.

Parents to accompany their child or nominate another adult, no more than two children per adult.  Riders can come unattended if you have organised this beforehand with Phil/Andy.

The riders need to have:
At least one bottle of liquid on their bike preferably two.   NO BOTTLE NO RIDE
A snack to fuel them on the way round.
A spare inner tube for their bike, in case they have 650 wheels or mountain bike wheels.
Ideally a mobile with parent/guardian number.
Suitable clothing –  lightweight waterproof, gloves, etc
Tyres need to be pumped up and the bike road worthy for the ride.    OR NO RIDE

Cycling insurance. Also if you are thinking of joining any of our youth road rides we expect all adult and youth riders to have cycling insurance. Our club offers a discount with BC as we are affiliated with them if you look- here.

For any more info contact Louisa –


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