South London Go Ride Racing League 2016-17

Bromley Go Ride Racing league has now been changed/expanded to South London Go Ride Racing League.

The club has formed a beginners race league with our colleagues at Big Foot Go Ride. These races are designed to give anyone the chance to have a go at racing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. You don’t need to be a member or have a license and you can ride any bike. In association with British Cycling’s Go Ride Racing concept these races are designed to encourage more young people into entry-level bike racing – a stepping-stone between school or club cycle coaching sessions and regional level cycling competitions.

Types of racing have included:-

  • cyclo cross
  • road race
  • mountain bike
  • grass track

The league now has eight events per season with individual time trials and mass races for girls and boys and we have an overall league competition with different age group winners again for girls and boys.
For more info go to South London Go-Ride Racing League Facebook page found here.

To check out what the league is all about take a look at our fantastic videos from previous years. Also why not read the report from the Crystal Palace event from 2012.

A report from Jeremy at Bigfoot:
“Last years league is expanding in terms of number of races and also number of clubs competing. To match this change and more accurately reflect the League geography, the series will now be called the “South London Go-Ride Race League”. This is in line with the other clusters that operate throughout Kent and Sussex and with any luck should widen the appeal of the League to others riders and clubs in the local area.
We provisionally have 8 races pencilled in next year with two newer clubs added to the mix as promoting clubs. In addition to Bigfoot and Penge we now also have the support of Limited Edition Cycling and Whitehorse Tri Club – both registered Go-Ride Clubs.
In addition to last years venues there are the addition of a couple new ones which should add to the variety and challenge of courses being raced.
The format of the races is also being changed. Firstly the age groupings are being moved to be in line with British Cycling standard categories. Rather than being by school years it is now being run by year of birth which will smooth the transition between go-ride races and regional racing. If the riders already know which category they are in it is one less thing to confuse everyone once they make the bridge up.
Secondly, the Time Trial is being replaced by a shorter mass start race. Go-Ride Racing should be used to introduce riders to competitive cycle sport then help them develop to become competitive at Regional level which should be seen as the standard.
As there are no Time Trials with the odd extremely rare exception, it doesn’t reflect or prepare riders for standard regional racing.
Time Trials are also very time consuming with typically one or two riders on course at anytime whilst the other 60 wait around.
We can make much better use of the time!
Organisationally things will change a bit as well. The intention is to have the younger children race first followed by the older children. This will mean much less hanging around for all concerned waiting for the next race and will improve the flow of the day. Much improved Time Management.
Provisional calendar
Sun 16th October – Alexandra School
Sun 13th November – Crystal Palace
Sun 4th December – Croydon Arena
Sat 4th February – Cyclopark
Sun 19th March – Woolwich Common
Sun 7th May – Bethlem
Sun 18th June – Herne Hill
Sun 9th July – Eltham Park South
Note the word Provisional before making plans !!!”




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