Sunday Rides 21st October 2018

Mankind’s endless ingenuity means that even though I am currently cruising happily through the Ionian Sea towards Ithaca, I can still send you the traditional Friday email. Perhaps it is apt that I am sailing towards the island made famous as the home of Homer’s Odysseus, who took 10 years to find his way back from Troy. I wonder if I tell my boss I’ll be a little late back whether he’ll be as understanding as Penelope was and keep my job open for me and whether I will controversially slay the suitors queuing up to take my place.

I was sorry to miss Barry’s ride last Sunday and am thankful to Pedro for posting video of some of the post-ride festivities. Penge CC did itself proud and produced a fitting occasion to remember Barry with his friends and family. Thank you particularly to James and Emma for organising the day and to all those who led rides or helped with catering. We’ll do it again.

Back to the usual Sunday routine now for some classic riding.

Have a great weekend,


Sunday Rides

Remember to sign up to the ride of your choice.

Sign up before 5pm on the Saturday night before the ride on Sunday. Please cancel if you cannot make the ride having signed up. If a ride fills up, either find another that suits your ability, or go onto a waiting list.

I may struggle to do much by way of finding additional leaders this week depending on where the wind takes us, but I am sure those in charge will split rides if necessary.

Remember – rides are available to book from the Sunday evening the week before so book early if you can.

Ride Name Leader Speed and Distance Departure time
Long 4 Gareth Wall 55 miles @ 17mph 07.45am
Long 3 Tom Aldous 55 miles @ 15mph 07.50am
Long 2 Rachel Lynn 55 miles @ 13mph 08.00am
Long 1 N/A 50 miles @ 11mph 08.00am
Short 4 TBC 35 miles @ 16mph 07.45am
Short 3 Aoife Murphy 35 miles @ 13mph 07.50am
Short 2 Winnie Farquarson 35 miles @ 12mph 08.00am
Short 1 Katie Ferguson 35 miles @ 11mph 08.10am
Steady TBC 25 miles @ 10mph 08.15am

You’ll note I am a couple of leaders short of a wolfpack. Main concern is to find a leader for the Steady. Anyone?

Penge CC Drinks – Friday 2nd November 8.00pm The Goldsmiths Arms

It’s time once again to regale eachother with reminiscences of a cracking year and to make rash commitments for the winter towards another great year in 2019.

Fireworks Saturday 3rd November at Croydon Recreation Ground in Beckenham

I think there is still time for volunteers to come forward to help at the fireworks display and earn money for the club. If you can help, check out the details on the website. It’s always a great event and the work is hardly taxing.

Penge CC Christmas Party – Friday 7th December

Don’t forget to RSVP to reserve your place for what has fast become the ‘not-to-be-missed’ Christmas party. Once again there will be singing and already my heart is beating faster at the prospect.

Strava Leaderboard

Has anyone done more riding than the incredible Claudio this year – maybe the golden couple? Good to see Simon and Richard make their occasional appearance too.

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