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Welcome to our facebook page. Penge CC is a friendly and welcoming club for Adults and children of all cycling abilities. Please note, Penge Cycle Club is very happy to support local business and we have long term sponsors who are all local, Penge traders. From time to time, we also support our members as they start ventures of their own and we agree to post these on our Facebook page on a case by case basis. However, our Facebook group is not there to act as a free advertising board for anyone to just help themselves to and we will remove anything that has been placed there unbidden.
Pedro Campbell
Pedro CampbellWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 8:15am


Emma Porter A truly spectacular photograph ❤️
Nandini Mullatti Worth framing and putting up in the shop!
Pedro Campbell
Pedro CampbellWednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 8:56am


Andrew Stroud this is such a great photo, and beautifully described by James on Sunday - well deserving of a place in the shop.
James Hanscomb
James HanscombSunday, October 8th, 2017 at 1:55am

We have been offered a weekly slot at Herne Hill Velodrome on a Thursday night. It is from 6,00pm to 7.30pm and will be on your own road bikes as a workout and a way of practising chaingang. As winter approaches it may be safer...

Simon Seddon Sounds interesting but I think the chances of me getting back from work to Herne hill for 6pm are slim
Usman Bashir I'd be interested but then if the 10 are the top end of the club( in terms of speed). I might need to physically hang on the one of those people.
Warren Adamson Interested too but I won't be able to get back for 6pm either.
Mary Bragg I’m interested but 6pm is too early for me I’m afraid
James Hanscomb Sounds like 6.00pm is too early, but it is going to be ok to rock up at 6.30 and do a good hour.
Kate Vergette I'm in
Stephanie Cannon Scott & I are in
Stephanie Cannon Usman- we can split into small groups and agree the pace to ride. So no one is hanging on
Stephanie Cannon Brixton CC have 7.30-9pm slot already
Dave Kennedy Def interested
Graham Blackwood Sounds great and the 6pm start would not be a problem for me coming from Croydon
David McTeague I'de definitely be interested. When would it start datewise James?
Lucy Stylianou I would definitely like to do that.
Neil Beattie I’d be keen
Pete Buckney I'm keen - won't be able to do every week though...
Massimiliano Menardi Yes I am in
Sarah Weltman I’d be up for it but can’t guarantee every Thurs off work...would be happy to pay for a block anyway though!
Alison Coates I'd give it a crack but would struggle to get there for 6pm
Sarah Weltman Ah yes, 6 would be tricky for me too...
Stephanie Cannon Session is hour and a half so arriving by 6.30pm you will still get a good hour in
Simon J Thurley I'd be up for that
Philip Taylor well worth doing. I can make 6. With road bikes you can have quite a lot on the track at the same time. on Tuesdays we have 25 youngsters ranging from 12 to 18 so plenty of room for all abilities And traffic free.
Cameron Ritchie How many weeks would that cover for that price?
Basky Thilaganathan Interested too!
Pedro Campbell That sounds pretty interesting. Not been on the track before so it would be a good way to get the experience. I am interested but will have to see how much it will be and how many weeks a block is.
Michael Glan
Michael GlanTuesday, October 17th, 2017 at 9:52pm

It doesn't seem possible when viewed through the lens of 2017.

Michael Glan
Why the history of bicycles and women's rights go hand-in-hand:
Emily Williams Wow. Heaven forbid women’s faces should become flushed. Good job those doctors aren’t around to see me after Turbobeat 😂
Lynsey Rowe
Lynsey RoweThursday, October 19th, 2017 at 5:44am

Sorry - late notice but I can't make turbobeat tonight if anyone can take my place?

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