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Come and join us on an adult ride.
Whatever your ability and ambitions on a bike we’ve got a ride you can join. Try a 5 mile road ride, join us on a 20 mile loop into Kent and back to the pub, or join us for one of the longer training rides. No one gets left behind and you can find a group that suits you.

You can find details of our Sunday morning rides here, and our Sunday afternoon leisure rides here.

Easing of Lockdown Week 14, 26th June 2020

If you want signs that the lockdown is done, check out the pictures from Bournemouth or Anfield. Let’s hope that this last few months of isolation have not been for nothing. In the mix of human tragedy and economic catastrophe, … Continue reading

Lockdown Week 13, 19th June 2020

Just when you were beginning to think it would never end – it seems we may be able to re-introduce group rides. We were told we would have 2 weeks warning of group activities being back on – but in … Continue reading

Lockdown Week 12, 12th June 2020

Doesn’t seem to be getting any easier, does it? I’ve tried to keep tabs on what we are and aren’t supposed to do in terms of meeting up with other people, but that does mean watching the news and I’m … Continue reading

Lockdown Week 10, 29th May 2020

The first tentative steps out of lockdown are reasonably clear for us in terms of cycling. Following British Cycling’s mid-week clarification, we still have no group rides, but on the road in ones and twos is fine. We are asking … Continue reading

Lockdown Week 9, 22nd May 2020

It did feel good to get out on the road last Saturday, though I noticed that gravity has been left totally unaffected by Coronavirus and was merciless on those extra pounds. That’s the trouble with home working, the proximity to … Continue reading

Lockdown Week 8, 15th May 2020

There’s something peculiarly human, maybe even British, about our ability to find things that are funny, touching, inspriational, even when the bombs and bullets are flying. I’ve started a mental checklist of all the good things to have come out … Continue reading

Lockdown Week 7, 8th May 2020

If you have kids, you’ll have been on a long car journey when one of them asks, ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ and your heart sinks because you still have miles to go. You may even remember being that kid. It’s … Continue reading

Lockdown Week 6, 1st May 2020

A friend of mine used to be in the SAS. I’ve always been fascinated by stories of survival against impossible odds and John must have got fed up with my persistent thirst for tales of heroism. For someone like me … Continue reading