Penge CC T Shirts

Adult Penge Cycle Club tshirts for sale.

For members and non-members.

Available to buy from SE20 Cycles.
Please read the notes about sizes, washing and shrinkage.

Plus, last few Tour de Penge yellow ones. A few adult and lots of older kids. Small Kids SOLD OUT.


Here is a message on washing screen printed tshirts

Shirts are Gildan. This is their message on shrinkage

As all knit products shrink. Knit fabrics inherently shrink back to the knit density they emerged from the knitting machine with. Throughout the textile and sewing processes these fabrics are subject to tension which pulls open the knit density somewhat. Upon first several washing and drying the fabric will almost always shrink back to that exact density it was originally knit to. Gildan targets very specific shrinkage numbers, typically less than 4% in width 6% in length of any 100% cotton fabrics through a variety of measures ranging from specialized handling equipment to our final textile process called compacting. In this process we run the fabric through 2 rollers turning at different speeds. This effectively compacts the knit of the fabric back close to the original density. The result of this is we manage to control the amount of shrinkage our garments will do once worn by our customers

Adult T-Shirts

Classic T-Shirts
Sizes Width(IN) Length (IN) Sleeve Center Back (IN)
S 18 28 15.63
M 20 29 17
L 22 30 18.5
XL 24 31 20
2XL 26 32 21.5

Youth T-Shirts

XS 16 20.5 13.5
S 17 22 14.5
M 18 23.5 15.5
L 19 25 16.5


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