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Covid-19 – Corona Virus. All group rides and activities are currently suspended

From the Penge CC organising committee – 24th April 2020

We’re now all very aware of Covid-19 and have heard a great deal in the media of the actions being taken to limit its spread. Whilst the advice changes day by day, it has become absolutely clear now that any activity involving groups of people is being strongly discouraged. Sadly, this means we’re going to suspend our usual Sunday group rides and all other group activities (e.g Time Trials, sessions planned at Herne Hill Velodrome, Go-Ride and Tour de Penge) until further notice.

Very few of us are in a high-risk category, but many of us know or even live with people who are in danger of serious illness or worse, so we are taking this precaution in line with many other sports and cycling clubs across the country.

The advice seems to be to keep exercising, but in a responsible way. The last thing our hospitals are going to need is an injured cyclist taking up space. The risk of spreading infection if you ride in ones and twos appears low but it’s not the club’s place to advise you whether to ride or not. You must make your own decisions based on the official advice and in line with possible regulation. We must ask you not to use club communication channels such as the Facebook page to arrange group rides.

British Cycling and Cycling Time Trials have respectively chosen the end June as the dates up to which all events are currently cancelled. We obviously don’t know what will happen between now and then but the committee have agreed that we will have another formal review at the beginning of June and communicate with members via the Friday email.

For now, we will continue to plan for events later in the year, but a severe amount of disruption looks inevitable. It’s going to be frustrating but our love of getting together for a group ride will not go away and it’s important that we play our part in helping the country’s response at this difficult time.

There has been a suggestion that we hold some group rides on Zwift. Now that might liven things up in the coming weeks! I would also urge you to take advantage of Winnie’s bike repair & maintenance service at SE20 Cycle while we have some downtime. He’ll be one of the local traders hard hit by this thing so let’s make sure he gets our full support.

We’re in for a tough time, but we will get through it and will be back out on our bikes together again. I hope you and all those close to you stay well.



Penge Cycle Club is a community based, volunteer run club, affiliated to British Cycling.

We offer regular adults rides, training, and events for all ages and abilities. We also have youth section Penge Go-ride that offers coaching, racing for kids and family rides.

Whether you want to get off your stabilisers, make new friends, get fit, gain confidence on the road or build up the miles to your next epic sportive or race – we’ve got a ride for you.

Take a look around and we hope we’ll see you and your bike soon.

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